Corina and Chad

We are a soon-to-be-married couple currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. Over the past few years we have traveled extensively through Asia, Oceania, and North America.
This blog was created to share our journey with the world. We hope that our experiences abroad will provide inspiration to anyone who is thinking about packing their bags and starting an adventure!

We are happy to announce our honeymoon itinerary!



Corina was born and raised in Taiwan. An adventurous spirit and a self-described ‘foodie’, who loves checking out new restaurants and tasting new delicacies from around the world.
Her love for traveling developed during her 3-years living and working in Perth, Australia. Currently in Taiwan she works in the sales department at a local property investment company, and part-time as Chad’s unofficial Chinese teacher.



Chad has the dream of visiting every country before he dies. He moved to Taiwan with the plan of traveling around Asia for a couple of years before moving to Europe. Over 4-years later he is still exploring and discovering hidden treasures around Asia.
Chad is especially fond of taking trips to areas of natural beauty. While in the city he is a bit of an architecture buff – taking countless photos of the urban landscape.