Adventures in Bali, Indonesia – Honeymoon Day 1-5

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sunset kuta beach

May 8th, 2018 – Today was the start of our honeymoon. We had the crazy idea to head off on a year-long honeymoon around the world. The first six months have been planned out and if all goes well we hope to continue on our trip for another six months!

Our first destination was Bali, a common honeymoon destination and a short flight from Taiwan. Taipei is just starting to get a bit humid so the thought of lounging in the sand with a nice ocean breeze running through our hair wasn’t a bad idea.

At the end of April, we bid a sad farewell to our jobs, said a temporary goodbye to friends, family, and students, and hopped on our one-way flight to Beautiful Bali.

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Legian – Beaches, Sun, and Fun

When we first arrived in Bali we experienced a well-known problem with the airport – the taxi mafia and their crazy prices for drives into the city. We were asked to pay 300,000 IDR to go from airport arrivals to Legian. Instead of paying the equivalent of a dinner for two at Bebek Bengil, we walked out of the airport.

Crazy I know, but it is possible!

Once we were out of the airport we headed to the Lippo Mall, about 15 minutes away from the airport by foot. At the mall, we were able to get some lunch at the food court on the second level of the mall. We felt pretty refreshed after lounging around in the AC and eating our lunch. Heading out of the front entrance we were able to find a regular taxi. When I say regular taxi I mean one from the Blue Bird Taxi company. Blue Bird Taxi has a reputation for honest service, and we only have good things to say about the company. They always use the meter so you won’t need to haggle over the price Our ride to the hotel in Legian cost a mere 25,000 IDR (under $2) and we made sure to add a good tip on to the fare.

On a side note: there are a number of taxi companies who have tried to imitate Blue Bird. They have the same blue paint, and often a logo of a bird on the car. You can’t really tell that it’s a knock-off until it gets close. The names are also similar, BLUE BIRO instead of BLUE BIRD. If they use the meter everything should be fine although it does seem pretty shady.

We spent the first two days in Bali at GrandMas Legian. The hotel is in a good location right on Jalan Legian not far from the beach and has many good restaurants around. We were happy with the clean rooms and cool AC – much needed in Bali! The breakfast was an added treat. GrandMas offers a buffet breakfast with all the usual dishes plus an entree from their daily menu.

Fruit and yogurt bowl

We loved the breakfast at GrandMas Legian

My favorite dish was the yogurt with fresh fruit and oats. It was tasty and a light meal for the morning. I hate eating a big, heavy breakfast when I’m on the road because it really weighs you down for the rest of the day.

At $20 GrandMas was a bit over our budget, so we only stayed for two nights. $20 isn’t much, but when you’re looking to travel long-term even $5 a night adds up fast!

tom guest house pool

The pool at Tom Guest House

Our second hotel was Tom Guest House which is also located in Legian, but slightly further from the beach. Tom Guest House turned out to be a pretty good choice for us. We enjoyed the rooms which were large and spacious, the staff who were friendly, and the location which was out of the main tourist area. The ‘out of the way‘ location allowed us to find a lot of delicious Indonesian food for about half of what we would have paid if we were staying half a kilometer closer to the beach. And an extra couple minutes of walking to the beach probably did us some good anyway. Another bonus was the pool which, although small, was a nice treat in the afternoon. We ended up paying $14 per night here, a good deal if you ask me!

chicken curry bowl bali indonesia

Chicken Curry from a shop near our hotel

This chicken curry might not be plated like a 5* restaurant, but it was the most delicious meal I ate in Bali. And it only cost $1.50!

Our first 5 days in Bali were spent walking around Kuta and Legian checking out the beaches, restaurants, and shopping malls. A nice, quiet start to our trip. We got to see a lot of hidden temples, eat tons of local food, and take in the sights around southern Bali.

temple in Bali Indonesia

Hunting for a place to eat our next meal.

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