Visiting the awesome CAT BROTHERS CAFE in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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cat cafe chiang mai thailand

When we get to a new city, the first thing we do is pop open google maps and check out any interesting places around us. We like to keep an eye out for museums, landmarks, and restaurants – and we mark down any spots that pique our interest.

We would love to say that we have everything prepared, but that’s often not the case. The truth is that most of our planning is done on a day-to-day basis. And so far that has worked out well for us. By leaving room for spontaneity you open the door to real adventure – and experiences you would never have had.

Cue the discovery of Cat Brothers Cafe.

Cat Brothers Cafe Storefront

Cat Brothers Cafe Storefront

Neither of us has ever been to a cat cafe – or any other animal-themed restaurant for that matter (although I’ve heard of rabbit cafes in Japan and I can’t wait to go)! So when we saw a cat cafe near our hotel in Chiang Mai we knew we had to stop by.

The biggest complaint about cat cafes is that the cats are uninterested in visitors, and prefer to spend their time away from the coffee-drinking guests. Luckily, the cats here were super friendly! The Cat Brothers Cafe is home to roughly 20 cats who were all full of energy. During our visit, we had 4-5 cats hanging around our table at any given time. They seemed to welcome, or at least were accepting of, being petted.

If the cats felt tired, they were able to hide away in a number of crates, baskets, and cat houses scattered around the room. Even the sleeping cats made for great photos!

cats sleeping in baskets

Sleeping cats in baskets

The cat cafe is actually separated into two levels. The lower level is cat-free and is great if you’re looking to get some work done. This is also where you will place your order before heading upstairs.

Things to remember:

Things to remember when visiting!

  • Shoes should be taken off inside.
  • Cat food can be purchased for 20 THB.
  • The cats will come to you if they want to play.
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the upstairs area.
  • You will receive admission sticks when you buy a drink. Give them to the staff when entering the seating area on the second floor.
  • Check the sign above for a full list of rules!

The second floor is where the action is. Be prepared for lots of cat-action, especially if you buy the cat food downstairs! When you run out of food, grab one of the many toys laying around and have some fun with the playful cats. If you, or the cats, are tired of playing just sit back and capture some insta-worthy shots of cute cats and tasty coffee!

cats and coffee

The latte art is cat themed as well

cat and coffee

Cute cat and a latte

playing with cats

playing with the cats

Cat Brothers Cafe Location:

The cat cafe is located in Chiang Mai old city. Its location in the North-East corner of the city was really convenient as our hotel was not that far away. However, Chiang Mai old city is super walkable, so it probably won’t be far from your hotel either!

Be sure to check out the Cat Brothers Cafe Facebook Page if you’re planning a visit.

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