Exciting Adventure Travel Destinations for 2017

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Adventure Travel Destinations for 2017

Adventure Travel Destinations For Every Region

The new year fast approaching means we need to prepare for another year of fun and adventure! While 2016 was a great year, there are still many adventure travel destinations we would all love to visit. If you are looking for an adventure travel destination, or just simply want to get away and disconnect from the daily grind, look no further. Here are the top places around the world to travel for adventure in 2017.

North America – Trekking in Zion National Park

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Zion National Park via WikiCommons

If you love the outdoors and adventure travel as much as me then Utah’s Zion National Park is a must visit. The national park has days worth of hikes and treks that will keep any outdoor enthusiast busy. The unique geological features and beautiful red cliffs make this one of the top destinations in the USA. The parks premier trek is The Narrows, a visually stunning section of canyon that attracts hikers from all over the world. The Narrows is roughly 4 miles long, and the typical hike through the section is 16 miles walking/wading/swimming, so you need to be in reasonable shape. Make sure to get your permits in advance as the tend to get busy in the summer months.

Pacific Islands – Exploring Papua New Guinea

This island nation in Oceania is one of the most culturally diverse places on earth. More than 800 languages are spoken by the country’s 4 million inhabitants. Travelling to Papua New Guinea takes an adventurous spirit as it’s infrastructure is sorely lacking. A lack of roads/highways means reaching PNG’s scattered tribal populations is nearly impossible and most city-city travel must be done by air.

If you are adventurous enough to visit then you are in for a treat. There are numerous activities that will appeal to an adventure enthusiast. The biggest undertaking would be a climb to the top of Mount Wilhelm which towers 4,500 ft above sea level. The Mount Wilhelm Trek usually lasts for 2-3 days and is the highest peak in Oceania. Other things to do in Papua New Guinea include hiking, surfing, and snorkeling. Also, its beautiful coral reef makes it one of the best places to go scuba diving.

The cost to travel to Papua New Guinea should not be underestimated, however. With an underdeveloped tourism industry, PNG is not an optimal choice for budget travelers.

Oceania – Road Trip in New Zealand

A popular adventure travel destination, New Zealand is a go-to choice for young travelers. It’s well known for its stunning panoramas which have been featured in a number of movies including Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings saga. The country is composed of two main islands separated in the middle by the Cook Strait. The capital Wellington, and the most populous city Auckland, are both located on the northern island.

NZ is a great place to visit all year round. January and February are the hottest months and great for people looking to escape the cold. The winter months (June – August) are a great chance to head to the mountains and see the snow! So, what makes New Zealand and adventure travel destination? Many travelers to this country choose to rent a car or camper and take a road trip around the island. Car rentals are relatively affordable and easily available. If that is too tame, you can take a cycling trip around the island. Check out these itineraries for new ideas based on the length of your stay.

With stunning natural beauty and great weather New Zealand makes for a great vacation. Adventurous travelers can participate in a variety of outdoor activities. In the winter the chances to go Skiing and snowboarding are endless. In the warmer months, take a hike through the mountains, or head south to see some penguins.

Central America – Remembering the Mayans in Guatemala

Adventure Travel Destinations

Tikal Pyramid via WikiCommons

Any country in Central America would make for a great adventure travel destination, but Guatemala is my personal favorite. Home to lush jungles, imposing volcanoes, and ancient pyramids, Guatemala has something for everyone.

Of course, a trip to Guatemala wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the famed Mayan Pyramid of Tikal. The temple, which was originally built to worship Mayan deities, now attracts visitors from all over the world.

South America – Jungle Excursions in Venezuela

If you’re looking for adventurous places to visit look no further than Venezuela. The Economic crisis and political instability have kept this country off the travel radar in recent years. Despite this, Venezuela’s rich history and incredible biodiversity mean it can still be a great travel choice if you plan appropriately.

A great way to get the most out of your trip is to make the climb to the summit of Mount Roraima. This mountain is one of the most unusual geological formations in the world and provides once in a lifetime views for the intrepid enough to make the journey.

Another ‘must see’ is Angel Falls. Getting to this waterfall is no easy task. Visitors who brave the jungle are treated to spectacular views of the world’s tallest waterfall which cascades 3,000 feet to the jungle floor.


Asia – Island Diving in Thailand

Adventure Travel Destinations

Diving with Whale Sharks via WikiCommons

While cities like Bangkok and Phuket welcome hoards of international travelers, Thailand’s less traveled roads lead to some true gems. One of these gems is the Similan Islands. This island group is located 1.5 hours north of Phuket, by speedboat of course, and offers an unrivaled diving experience. The main draw of the Similan islands is the Whale Sharks, the gentle giants of the sea. Whale Shark diving season starts in January and concludes in May, making this the best time to visit Similan Islands. Other ocean life to see include manta ray, green sea turtles, and a variety of other beautiful and endangered species. If you are interested in adventure travel in Asia, then whale shark diving in Thailand is a good choice to consider.

Western Europe – Cycling Around Iceland

I saved Europe for last because I had difficulty choosing just one adventure. If I had to choose one adventure travel destination for 2017 it would be Iceland. While most Americans tourists are drawn to mega-cities like Paris and London, Iceland comes with its own unique charm. Why Iceland you ask? What could possibly be better than a round-the-island cycling trip? If you need inspiration take a look at this blog. The roughly 1,000-mile ride along road 1 (actual distance depends on the route and number of detours you take) could take up to a month to complete. This adventure will require a significant amount of preparation and stamina, both mental and physical, but the reward is certainly worth it. There are a large number of campsites located around Iceland which can be used during the trip, this will help cut down on expenses in the relatively expensive country.

Eastern Europe – Culture and Architecture in Hungary

Take a trip to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. This city has a rich history and culture that is worth exploring. Since the time of its Celtic founding Budapest has been a point of conquest for numerous empires, including the Roman empire and the Ottomans. Budapest has a great number of old buildings that showcase the beauty of classical architecture. A trip to Hungary is a great chance to soak up the history and culture of Eastern Europe.

Africa – Sandboarding in Morocco

Adventure Travel Destination

Looking up at a massive Sand Dune

Morocco, a quick hop south from Spain, has a lot to offer as an adventure travel destination. Its geography is incredibly diverse and includes beaches in the west, patches of fertile plains and forests, as well as snow-covered mountains further inland. Adventure tourism is on the rise here with many exciting activities to participate in. My recommendation is to head out to the Sahara and try sandboarding. The sport is exactly what it sounds like – snowboarding down sand dunes. of course, quads and jeeps are always an option if you aren’t down with wiping out to mouthfuls of sand. Check out these trip itineraries if you need trip ideas.

Middle East – Iran

Iran usually makes the news due to its nuclear policies and travel warnings that are issued to US citizens. If you are interested in traveling to Iran make sure you scope out the political climate before you book tickets. However, a trip to the Middle East is a great chance to experience Iranian hospitality firsthand. Iranian people routinely rank as some of the friendliest in the world and are quite friendly to tourists. The country’s 19 UNESCO Heritage Sites are a strong reason to visit. The 2,500-year-old ruins of Persepolis are one of the most popular destinations. The ruins are a testament to the grand capabilities of ancient civilizations. Guided trips are inexpensive and can be arranged from the nearby city of Shiraz. The summer heat can be unbearable so a springtime visit would be a great choice.

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