Last Minute Travel – Making The Most Of Your Time

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last minute travel

It’s 10pm but the alarm is going off. I’m headed home from work and will spend the rest of the night preparing for my last minute travel to Japan. I have a sachet of crisp Japanese Yen in my bag – but other than that I haven’t prepared much. When I arrive home I will be greeted by my newly-purchased backpack, which is completely empty, laying on the bedroom floor.

As I head home I try to focus on a mental list of key items that I must bring. Things like extra socks, toothpaste – since I booked a place off Air B&B, and swimming trunks. Although I question how much swimming I will be doing in November. I’m used to forgetting things during last minute travel – but leaving behind necessities like razors or phone chargers will add unnecessary costs to your trip.

Last minute travel, whether it’s international – or just out of town, can be a stressful experience. Below, I’ll share a checklist I made to help other spur-of-the-moment travelers keep it together and have a worry-free trip.

  1. Create a checklist of things to bring
  2. Always pack the most important items first – make sure the necessities are not forgotten in the rush
  3. Avoid the temptation to shove in as many clothes as your suitcase/backpack can fit – I would rather wash a couple shirts at the hotel or laundromat than bring too many.
  4. Put travel documents and cash in your passport holder or carry-on baggage where they can be easily found (Passport/Cash/Credit Cards/Car Rental Info)
  5. Remember to pack your chargers and plug adapters before you head to the airport
  6. Take a screenshot of your hotel booking info and address before you leave (you don’t want to get caught without wifi!)
  7. Make arrangements for a friend/neighbor to take care of your pet while you’re gone – don’t put this one off for too long. Try to find a pet sitter as soon as possible!
  8. Write down a list of restaurants, landmarks, and attractions that you want to visit – write down the address and phone number just in case you need to ask someone for directions!


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