Planning for a year-long honeymoon

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Planning a RTW honeymoon

Wow, time certainly flies.

It’s hard to believe that our wedding is a mere 2 months away!

The past 6-months have been a whirlwind of preparation with countless details to plan.

Once we are married we will have some time to kick back and relax before starting our next adventure.

The rest and relaxation will be greatly enjoyed as we have decided to head off on a year-long, round-the-world honeymoon!

Our first flight is scheduled for May 8th, 2018

This will be the first time in the past 10-years (and possibly the last time in the next 40) that we will be jobless. It’s an exciting opportunity, but also a bit frightening as well. Giving up a year of income was not an easy decision but we expect it to be rewarding in a variety of non-financial ways.

Our RTW Honeymoon Itinerary

This is a look at our planned itinerary for our 2018-2019 RTW trip.

May: Indonesia, Malaysia

June: Thailand

July: Vietnam

August: England/U.K.

September: Portugal, Spain

October: France, Germany

November: Italy

December: Croatia, Romania

January: USA (East to West Roadtrip?)

February: Costa Rica, Guatemala

March: Ecuador, Peru

April: Currently deciding between spending the month in Brazil or taking a trip through Seattle and Vancouver.

May: Back to Asia

The trip has been booked and finalized through the first 6-months barring some unforeseen developments. The back-end of our RTW honeymoon will be booked and planned while we are on the road – meaning that there is still some room for change as things develop.


We expect this trip to be challenging for us in a number of ways.

Money: As newlyweds, our budget is understandably tight. It will take a significant amount of discipline to pull off the trip within our budget.

Weather: Our first few stops go against the grain as far as weather goes. Asia in the spring/summer will be a tad wetter than usual. And travel through Europe in the winter will require the unfamiliar donning of winter jackets.

Food: To save money we will need to adapt to the local diet in each country we visit. This shouldn’t be much of a problem but will restrict our dining choices somewhat.

Packing: Everything for our year-long trip will need to fit in our 48L and 38L backpacks!

This took me longer than planned to write up as the wedding arrangements and RTW honeymoon itinerary are still in development. If you have any comments or ideas please leave them in the comments below!

We especially appreciate tips on the must-see/must-do/must-eat things in each country

Expect to hear more from us in the months ahead!

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3 Comments on “Planning for a year-long honeymoon”

  1. Ohh yes! We are looking at spending some time in Sapa and Fansipan looks gorgeous! Do you think that the weather will be a problem? We’ve heard that the region gets heavy rains during July.

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