It’s Time For A Summer Vacation (2016)

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It’s official, I’m taking another trip to Australia!

I recently started planning my 2016 summer vacation with the idea of traveling to Perth, WA in July, and Hong Kong and Vietnam in August. I usually stick to a couple of airlines when I travel so I can rack up flight miles. This time I decided to check out AirAsia as they have been running some promotions lately. I found some pretty cheap flights to Perth, Western Australia that matched the advertising I had seen online. I guess not using AdBlock does have an occasional advantage.

Since AirAsia flight’s route through Kuala Lumpur, I decided to book a 3-leg flight rather than going for a round trip journey. Booking a multi-flight trip gave me the chance to extend my journey and stay a couple days in Malaysia’s capital.

The cost of my flights (Taipei – Perth, Perth – Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur – Taipei) came to a total of $285. It might be the timing, but this is insanely cheap even if it is winter in Australia. Last year my round-trip ticket from Taipei – Perth cost around $500.

My plan for Perth

I’m looking forward to doing a few things in Perth that I wasn’t able to do on my last trip. I’m planning to take a couple of day trips out of the city this time. First, to visit pinnacles desert and see the unique rock formations there. The second-day trip I will take is to wave rock, another interesting geological formation. I saw most points of interest in the city last visit, Parks, museums, eateries, so I’ll be looking to see other points of interest on this trip.

If time permits I will arrange a trip up north for a few days. I am always interested in visiting UNESCO sites such as Shark Bay, a 10-hour drive north of Perth. An hour or two further north is coral bay and Western Australia’s second UNESCO site Ningaloo Reef. Coral Bay is a picturesque beach that offers an amazing opportunity for snorkelers. Since these are quite close to each other it makes for a convenient road trip. A 10-hour drive through rural Australia doesn’t sound too bad when you see where you will end up!

A final thing I’m looking into is playing Ultimate Roomscape, a real-life version of the ‘escape the room’ cell phone games. I really like the idea, and I’m pretty excited after reading the reviews!

Check out the link if you want to see my plan for 48 Hours In KL.

2 Comments on “It’s Time For A Summer Vacation (2016)”

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