Our One Month Thailand Itinerary – Where We Traveled

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Bangkok Thailand 30-day trip

Thailand was a big destination on our year-long honeymoon itinerary and we decided to dedicate a solid month to exploring this magical country. Coming up with a one month Thailand itinerary takes a lot of preparation so we made a list of places that we knew we had to visit. We had previously been to Bangkok and Ayutthaya, so our trip focused heavily on the Thai peninsula.

This is what our 1 Month Thailand Travel Itinerary looked like.

  • Krabi, Thailand – 5 Days
  • Koh Lanta, Thailand – 5 Days
  • Krabi, Thailand – 4 Days
  • Phuket, Thailand – 1 Day
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand – 5 Days
  • Pai, Thailand – 5 Days
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand – 2 Days
  • Bangkok, Thailand – 3 Days

Total – 30 Days

This is by no means a comprehensive tour of Thailand. But if you have one month (which is nowhere near enough) then this will give you a good taste of what Thailand can offer.


Krabi Thailand Itinerary

We stayed in Krabi Town rather than Phuket for a number of reasons. For one, Krabi is far quieter than its neighbor across the water. You can take the same ferries to all the popular islands that you could in Phuket. Prices are much cheaper than Phuket, which is always welcome. All-in-all our time in Krabi Town was a wonderful experience! You are closer to nature on all sides and it just feels like a more authentic Thai experience. While in Krabi you must check out the amazing beaches of Ao Nang and Railay. Ao Nang is easy to reach via motorbike and the drive there is absolutely gorgeous! We stopped off on the side of the road many times to take pictures of the limestone karsts jutting up all around us. From Ao Nang, you can find many boats headed to Railay. Just be sure to check the prices as it can vary from one person to the next!

Koh Lanta

Visit Koh Lanta Things to see and do

Koh Lanta is a rather large island located a short 2-hour bus ride south of Krabi. Thanks to a new bridge you can take a Mini Van from Krabi Town without needing to transfer! The island of Koh Lanta feels like it has escaped the overdevelopment that plagues many of the neighboring islands. The best way to experience the island is to post up at one of the many stylish and affordable beach resorts and make hitting the sand a daily routine! We stayed at the reasonably priced Mook Lanta Eco Resort and loved every second! There are also daily ferries going to Koh Phi Phi which run at reasonable prices.


krabi limestone karsts

We came back to Krabi for a second visit because it was just so comfortable. Occasionally getting into a routine and visiting the same shops each day is needed when traveling. We had planned to spend this 5-day block in Phuket but happily decided against it. We were able to take advantage of this time to visit many of the islands around Krabi. The prices for island hopping around the bay were much cheaper than what we found in Phuket – so that was a huge plus for us as well!


visit phi phi island

Our next stop was to Phuket, which was really just to catch our flight out of Phuket International Airport the next day. If you have never been to the city you may enjoy it. There is a lot to see and do – and the city is on the move 24-hours a day! If you like visiting big cities in Thailand like Bangkok and Pattaya then Phuket will likely be right up your alley. However, we think a 30-day Thailand Itinerary is better spent on the smaller, less developed regions of Thailand.


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Chiang Mai

Temple in Chiang Mai

This was our first trip to Northern Thailand and we were definitely looking forward to it! Chiang Mai is certainly huge and busy as you might expect, but there is a very special feel to the city. First, people seem far more relaxed and easy going than in Bangkok for example. There is a lot to see here and you can add many day-trips to your Thailand trip itinerary if you have the time. Another great thing about Chiang Mai is the abundance of healthy food. There are tons of shops here selling delicious meals that won’t break your budget. For me, there is a lot of similarity to Ubud, Indonesia when it comes to food availability.


Pai, Thailand mountain views

I was a bit hesitant about heading to Pai because of its reputation as a hippy paradise. I couldn’t have been more wrong about my assumptions though! Pai, Thailand was not only the highlight of our trip to Thailand – but our whole trip around South-East Asia! If you are in Chiang Mai you should totally devote some time to Pai. It is a magical little town with good food, cheap tours and day trips, and friendly people everywhere! The only downside is the ride there. Brace yourself for the 2.5-hour minivan ride as it speeds through the 762 curves between Chiang Mai and Pai. Be sure to grab motion sickness pills at 7-11, they only cost 5BHT and are worth the investment. The mountain views from villages around Pai are totally Amazing!

Chiang Mai

chiang mai temples

We came back to Chiang Mai to rest up after our adventurous time in Pai. We spent our two days checking out new restaurants around the city, and drinking more Thai Milk Tea than was necessary. We had Chiang Rai on our schedule but decided to kick back a bit and put off the sightseeing for later.


bangkok city view

We are always happy to make another visit to Bangkok. It may be dirty, crowded, and noisy but there is something special about it regardless. On this trip, we were able to score a great place on Airbnb for about $20 per night. In a huge city like Bangkok, location is the most important thing!


Our one month Thailand itinerary was designed to be relaxed and help us delve into selected destinations. If you travel fast you could certainly add more places to this itinerary.

Some places that we will definitely head to on our next trip include:

  • Similan Islands
  • Khao Sok National Park
  • Chiang Rai
  • Mae Hong Son
  • Udon Thani

Of course, there are countless other spots to check out, but these are some that we are really excited about.

Please comment below if you have any thoughts about our Thailand Itinerary. We love recommendations and want to hear your ideas about the best places to see in Thailand!

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