Life in a $6,000 Presidential Suite

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Westin Presidential Suite

A Night in the Westin Presidential Suite

Westin Presidential Suite

Thankfully I didn’t pay full price

The chance to stay in a  $6,000 a night room doesn’t come around every day. But, when it does, the feeling is magical.

Business as usual

I flew to Wuhan for a one-day business trip. The trip to Wuhan was supposed to be a quick stop before heading to Beijing for a couple days. I thought Wuhan would be boring as there aren’t many tourist attractions worth visiting in the city. If anyone has been to Wuhan feel free to fill me in on what to do next time. The trip started off badly with terrible food on the airplane and a hotel driver that was 30 minutes late pick me up at the airport.

The 5-star difference

Westin Presidential Suite

A bed fit for a king

Any complaint I might have had vanished once I got to the hotel. The Wuhan Westin is located next to the Yangtze river and has beautiful views at both day and night. Everything in the hotel is decorated to the highest detail, and once you enter the lobby you can sense a magnificent aura. I was already feeling excited when I checked in at the front desk. My excitement went to the next level when I was given an upgrade to the presidential suite. The nearly 4,000 square meter Westin presidential suite in Wuhan starts at a whopping 36,888 RMB (roughly $6,000) per night.

Detracting from the beauty

The Westin presidential suite is located on the 23rd floor and provides a great view of the river. The river is quite peaceful and it is relaxing to watch the boats passing slowly by. Unfortunately the river is also a shade of brown, a close match to the brown color of the sky. Wuhan sticks to the theme of troubling pollution which plagues most of China’s big cities. The air had a thick layer of smog which obscured the view of the sky. The one bright spot can be seen when you walk around the city. The local government apparently does a good job at keeping the streets clean and free from rubbish. From what I saw there are a fair number of trees scattered around the city which helped liven things up.

Unnecessary Luxury

Wuhan Westin

Complete with an in-room office

Westin’s 3,617 sq ft suite was packed with extravagant amenities. The number of rooms, and sheer size of the suite, made getting lost a real possibility. I made a list of some of the craziest additions and decorations in the room. The decoration and artwork in the suite were over the top, to say the least.

A telescope for looking at the sky or river

A dining table with seating for 8

3-4 person sauna (this was pretty nice actually)

Floor to ceiling murals

An Automated Massage chair

Heated toilet seats

A working spotlight (like you would see on a movie set)

Television in the bathtub

Approximately 10,000 towels scattered throughout the room

And, of course, access to the executive club and the best service in the hotel


Westin Presidential Suite

Complete with an ornate and oversized living area

Staying in the presidential suite was likely a once in a lifetime opportunity, a memory I will certainly remember. It’s pretty lonely to stay in such a massive room though! If I ever get a presidential suite in the future it will be a celebration with 10 of my best friends. I can only hope to collect enough rewards points before I die. The Westin presidential suite will hold the record for the most expensive hotel room I ever stayed in for quite a while.

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