Visiting A Japanese Tea Plantation

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View from the plantation

Picking Tea in Japan

My trip to Shizuoka, Japan included an obligatory trip to a tea plantation. The tea farm was in the hills, a short drive outside of the city. Getting there was a snap since I had rented a car with GPS. The cool thing about the trip is they try to give you an authentic look at what tea farming is like.

When we arrived they gave the group a quick tour of the main buildings. Then we were ushered into a large room where we changed into traditional workers clothes. I wasn’t sure about the proper way to secure my clothing but one of the workers was happy to help me.

Wearing traditional worker's clothes

Wearing traditional worker’s clothes

After changing into working clothes we made our way up the hill to start work in the rows of tea shrubs. It was quite hot but I was eager to try my hand at picking tea. Everyone fanned out along the rows looking for the perfect tea leaves. I thought the leaves we picked would be given be sent to be dried with the leaves that were picked by the farmers. I was wrong, however, and was quite surprised when they packaged the leaves for me to take home. I was a little embarrassed because I had been working hard and harvested significantly more than anyone else.

Picking Tea in Shizuoka, Japan

Picking my first leaves

The plantation I went to was pretty busy and seemed to be a popular tourist destination. They sold a large number of snacks and souvenirs for visitors to buy, many of the treats were quite unique. They also sold souvenir photos (complete with cheap cardboard frame)to remember the trip. These were roughly $5 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

The best Part of the trip was the view from the plantation. As we picked tea we were given a great view of the town and surrounding mountains. If I go back to Shizuoka, Japan I will definitely plan a trip to the tea plantation again.

Picking Tea In Japan

Picking Tea In Japan

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17 Comments on “Visiting A Japanese Tea Plantation”

  1. This is easily one of the things I don’t read much about Japan, and yet I find it such an interesting experience! Because we definitely like to go off the beaten track, we’ll definitely save your article for when we go to Japan, thank you!

  2. This is really cool. I really didn’t know this type of experience was available. It sounds like something I would totally try. Did you get to try some of their tea?

    1. I purchased a bag of their tea and it was pretty good! Sadly, I was unable to properly dry the tea I picked. Hotel rooms are not the best for that ha

  3. I have been living in Japan for almost 3 years now and I have to admit I didn’t know about this.
    Now of course I totally want to do it.

  4. What a fantastic and unique experience! I would love to do this and I do love green tea. Japan is high on my bucket list. Did you have to book ahead or could you turn up?

  5. This looks like an interesting experience. I am a huge tea fan, and am currently living in Nairobi, Kenya, but have not yet visited a tea plantation… I think that will be next on my list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow! Such a beautiful post! I love tea plantations and I would so love to experience tea picking some day. Thanks for sharing your experience. Photos are pretty cool! 🙂

  7. Hi Chad, to which tea farm exactly did you go?
    I’m currently traveling through Japan and I really wish I could go to a team farm as you did, but I’m struggling to find any information or location..I would be grateful for a little help! Thank you!!

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